Chouriciños con Albariño


Galician Sausage with Albariño wine

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The choricitos with Albariño wine in Casa da Avoa olive oil are made with top quality lean pork, paprika, Albariño wine and olive oil. Each can has between 9 and 11 pieces.

Indigenous white grape from Galicia, its wines are very fresh, fruity, dry and elegant.
Variety of native white grape from Galicia, and main crop in the DO Rias Baixas. They were probably the monks of Cluny, in the s. XII, who extended the cultivation of this grape, of possible Germanic origin, from the monastery of Armenteira in the Pontevedra region of ‘O Salnés. Every year, on the first Sunday of August, the Albariño Festival is celebrated in Cambados, the capital of this white wine.

The Albariño white grape is a variety very sensitive to mildew and in unfavorable weather conditions to the landslide.

The strain has semi-erect branches. The cluster of early ripening and medium vigor, is medium-small, compact, with a loose and pyramidal shoulder. The berry is small in size, spherical with a thick green-yellow skin sprinkled with freckles.


Lean pork and bacon, paprika, garlic, salt, dextrose, vegetable fiber, olive oil (35%), sulfates and Albariño wine.

net weight: 240gr

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