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Galician Octopus from Conservas Cambados 111g

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Galician Octopus Canned Cambados

It is a gourmet preserve, made with Galician octopus from the Galician Rias.

The octopus is the most valued cephalopod in Galicia.

It is a product that is part of Galician cuisine as one of the most valued and characteristic products of it.

Not surprisingly, for the culinary value of Galician octopus, known throughout the world.

Galician octopus, also known as «octopus à feira» is a dish that was initially made at livestock fairs held in Galicia.

This dish was born in the inland villages of Galicia, and there came the octopus that had previously dried in the sun to preserve it.

Today, octopus drying is no longer performed, and the octopus is consumed fresh or frozen.

Galician octopus recipe consists of cooked octopus, seasoned with paprika and oil.

This recipe has moved to the world of preserves by the hand of Canned Cambados in this presentation.

In this can you will find Galician octopus with the delicious seafood sauce traditionally made by the canning.

This sauce is made over low heat with onion, oil and paprika.

You will enjoy a version of Galician octopus in a can format, to open and enjoy.

This can be enjoyed directly, just by opening the can and serving.

You can also heat it and serve it with boiled potatoes or "cachelos".

Galician octopus of Canned Cambados comes in an oval can, 120 ml.

Net weight 111g.

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