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Cheese with designation of origin Arzua Ulloa

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Queixerías Bama makes cheeses of the Protected Designation of Origin "Queso Tetilla" and of the Denomination of Origin "Arzúa-Ulloa".

Tetilla cheese is widely known due to its peculiar shape. The Arzúa-Ulloa cheese, although less famous outside of Galicia, is the authentic Galician traditional cheese, the popularly called "queixo do país" (cheese of the country), and that for some years has been certified by the Arzúa appellation of origin -Ulloa.

Made with pasteurized cow's milk.
Maturation period: at least seven days.

Aroma: soft, slightly acidic and that together reminds of the milk from which it comes.
Taste: dairy, buttery, slightly acidic and mild salty.

Fat: minimum 45%, on dry extract.
Dry extract: maximum 52%

* weight approx. 1kg


* The product is served vacuum packed to protect it during shipment

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