Big Galician Cheese Arzúa-Ulloa


Galician traditional Cheese from Arzúa Ulloa  3,6Kg

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Cheese Arzúa - Ulloa

The Arzúa-Ulloa cheese is one of the Galician cheeses par excellence. The Arzúa-Ulloa Denomination of Origin covers these unmistakable flavor cheeses ..

The elaboration of these cheeses requires the use of fresh milk of the highest quality, both in their hygienic conditions and in their sensory characteristics.

The traditional process followed by each master cheesemaker consists of the following phases: the coagulation and acidification of the milk; the cutting, the draining and the washing of the curd; the molding, the pressing, the salting, and the ripening. All these phases are delicate, and from the small variations in each one will depend the differentiated characteristics of the cheeses of each cheese factory.

This cheese has a semi-creamy texture, at its point of salt and a flavor that will surely make you regain this rich cheese as soon as you finish it.

Weight approx. 3.6Kg

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