Queso casero de leche cruda


Raw milk cheese 100% artisanal from Galicia

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Galician artisan raw milk cheese made in the mountains of Arzúa (A Coruña). The milk, from our Galician cows raised outdoors, is what gives a unique flavor to each of the cheeses made by hand with milk, salt and rennet.


One of the advantages or benefits offered by cheeses made with raw milk is that each cheese is a unique, original and unrepeatable product. As they are not made with machines, it is impossible to make two equal cheeses. In addition, the bacterial flora varies between regions, as do the species of both regions. The flavor of a raw milk cheese evokes the territory from which it originates.

One of the keys of the quality and security of the cheese is the use of own milk or of nearby herds. In addition, it allows the maintenance of the peasant culture of each territory, which for centuries have refined the techniques that best adapt to their lands and customs. As it was years ago, today, raw milk cheese is safe, nutritious, healthy and satisfying.


* The product is served vacuum packed to protect it during shipment. Once you have received it, remove it from its packaging.


* weight approx.1.5kg, the weight can decrease due to the decrease according to the days of the cheese.

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