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Cheese Arzúa Ulloa Queinaga


Galician Tetilla Cheese from Arzúa Ulloa

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The authentic Galician cheese with denomination of origin.

     Smell: Mild, slightly acidic and as a whole reminiscent of the milk from which it comes.
     Taste: dairy, buttery, slightly salty and soft.
     Codia: thin and elastic, less than three millimeters thick; Straw yellow color natural and without mold.
     Paste: soft, creamy and uniform, with or without a few eyes and regularly distributed; white-ivory color, yellowish.


Pasteurized cow's milk, very creamy and smooth. A delicious typical Galician dessert is: nipple with quince

Weight approx. 750g


* The product is served vacuum packed to protect it during shipment

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