Traditional Sheep cheese


Entre Cañadas, Traditional cheese made from raw merino sheep milk.

100% Native from La Serena. 

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Traditional merino sheep cheese

We already know that it is not Galician ... but this cheese is really worth it!

La Serena cheese (D.O.P) comes from merino sheep's milk from the production area of ​​the La Serena pastures in the northeast of the province of Badajoz, which has an area of ​​about 300,000 ha. La Serena cheese is a Protected Designation of Origin.

There are three ingredients that determine the characteristics of this cheese: the merino sheep's milk, the feeding of the sheep based on the aromatic pastures of La Serena and the fermentation with native vegetable rennet.

The milking of the sheep is done by hand. Merino dairy production is low and typically 12 to 20 sheep are required to produce one kilogram of cheese.

The milk is mixed with a vegetable rennet that is the flower of the wild thistle (Cynara cardunculus). That is, the purple carpels of the wild thistle flower are responsible for the transformation of milk into cheese.

Coagulation occurs slowly, separating the whey from the mass or curd. The maturation lasts about 8 weeks, in which the pasta is wrapped in the esparto strips or belts, turning the cheese every one or two days for its regular elaboration. At the end of this phase, the paste is very soft, creamy, almost liquid, ivory in color. On the contrary, the bark is hard and cracked, waxy in color.

Keeping it for a longer time hardens the inner paste, giving it a more yellow color, a stronger flavor, an intense smell and an appearance of aged cheese.

Weight approx. * 650g

* weight may vary depending on cure

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