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In the EXTRA MIRABEL DO ROSAL ALÉN DO VAL MACHINE, two concepts are concealed that make it a distinguished product of Galicia. On the one hand, the quality of its ingredients, cultivated by the fantastic climate of southern Galicia and the waters of the Miño river. On the other hand, the meticulousness in its manufacturing process gives Alén do Val jam a body and a texture that maximize the delicious flavor of this exquisite fruit.


Because of its taste characteristics and its food properties, it becomes an ideal product both in breakfasts, as in snacks, as well as desserts, appetizers and midday snacks.


In addition, its ingredients are 100% organic and its manufacturing process follows artisan methods which elevate this jam to the "Top Ten" list of gourmets of healthy food.

Ingredients: Mirabel de O Rosal *, cane sugar *, agar and lemon juice *.


Additional Information:

Total sugar content: 56g per 100 g of marmalade.

Made with: 70 g of fruit per 100 gr. of jam

No additives, no preservatives and no gluten.

It does not contain allergens.


 Format: Glass container 280 Ml.


* Of ecological origin.

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