Mencía As Chas Valdeorras


Red Wine 100% Mencía from Ourense with Denomination of Origin Valdeorras

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Valdeorras As Chas Mencía

Mencia prepared by the Jesús Nazareno winery in O Barco (Ourense).

And with what dishes can we pair a mencía wine?
Mencia wines can be paired with a wide range of products, but there is a traditional El Bierzo dish: botillo, a hearty dish, from which we can balance its fat with a good wine with some aging.

Fish: It is not a grape that fits fish very well, but if you want to try it, I recommend some delicious grilled sardines.

Meats: if what you want is to accompany a meat dish, I can give you several suggestions. One of them is to prepare a civet of game meat, but it harmonizes with any type of elaboration of game meat, lamb, rabbit and red meat.

Cheeses: fundamentally we will have to choose quite mature cheeses such as manchego or idiazábal.

Sausages and cured meats: perfect wines for a good plate of Iberico acorn-fed ham, León beef jerky or any type of sausage such as butifarra.

Rice: as long as they include a slightly more fatty product, such as a bull's tail rice.

cont. 75cl

vol 12,5%

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