Buelo Gallego (Botillo)


Made in Galicia

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Commercial name: Butelo or Botillo


Ingredients: rib, pork tail and ribs, salt, sweet paprika, garlic pulp (fresh garlic, salt, citric acid E-330), spicy paprika, nitrifying salt (salt, preservative E-250), prepared (antioxidant E- 326, conservative E-262).


General characteristics: Ingredients supplied by suppliers that guarantee the absence of genetically modified components and in many cases registered in Denominations of Origin, which guarantees their origin, maintaining traceability at all times. Without colorants.


Technological characteristics: Hand chopped, traditionally marinated for several days for sausage in natural pig gut. Later stapling of the pieces one by one with red cord to continue drying and smoked with oak wood, which gives part of its characteristic aroma.


Processing conditions: Manual chopping. Seasoning for 1 day at 0-6ºC. Cleaning the casings 24 h before.


Smoked for 24 h. Optimum curing temperature 10ºC at a relative humidity of 70%.


Appearance / Loss: Normal appearance with a red color pulling dark. Approximate loss of 20-30% after its preparation.


Storage and conservation: Store in refrigeration between 0-4ºC.



Product life: In perfect storage conditions, 12 months.


Approx weight, >1KG

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