Vermú St. Petroni Vermello


Red vermouth with Galician character

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St. Petroni is made following a meticulous selection of the best Albariño crops.

The production comes from an area pampered by the microclimate in which it is located: the Padrón Valley (Rosalian vineyards of Pazo Arretén). Vinified on lees to obtain differentiating nuances both in smells and flavors and in the texture of the wine base, which is subsequently used in the assembly to maintain the power of the grape in the vermouth.

Aromatized with herbs and botanicals, especially wormwood (magic plant), bay leaves, lemongrass, mint, rosemary, thyme, sage and lemon balm. And also sweet and bitter orange skins, lemon pulps and hibiscus flowers, chamomiles ...


Albariña grape selection, vinification on lees, wine stabilization. Hand-controlled maceration of 29 selected plants in native pure alcohols. The assembly is carried out through a unique and secret process.

Finally, the repose and its filtering arrive.

We travel to the heart of the Sacred Lands to rescue its essences (Terras de Iria ... where the road is born).

We symbolize the path of geese, sacred animals capable of adapting to all elements, and the use of natural resources and knowledge offered by our history, our culture and our land.

This is how St. Petroni was born, from ancestral winemaking techniques for the elaboration of the best Albariño on lees, the recovery of the magic plant, the wormwood, and the wisdom of our ancestors and their maceration techniques.

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