Artisanal Sheep cheese (WCA Gold winner)


Galician artisanal cheese 100% sheep

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Sheep Cheese O Balido

It is a 100% pure sheep cheese made in the mountains in a traditional and artisanal way. This cheese has won 1 silver and 2 gold in recent years in the contest held at the London World cheese awards among the more than 3000 cheeses presented at the event.


In the Casa Grande de Piñoi, which dates from 1799, located in the heart of Galicia and on the slopes of the Serra do Candán, we graze our sheep.

The Lavandeira Irrigation, which drinks from the Deza River, preserves the delights of the herbaceous vegetation in our meadows, the sky of the spicy food of the sheep.

Milk is the result of such a careful process to make 100% sheep ferment.

Already molded, the cheeses The bleat begins a natural cure, within the drying of stone, where the north winds take center stage.

The air of the Candán maintains an adequate temperature in the curing of each category the bleating.

Weight approx: 450g

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