Chouriziños con Ortigas


Galician Sausage with nettles 

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The choricitos with nettles in olive oil Casa da Avoa are made with lean quality pork, paprika, nettles and olive oil. Each can has between 9 and 11 pieces.

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Worldwide the Nettle is known for being the "plant of the blind", because it is easy to recognize tactile and with the name of "weeds", for its distinguished properties. In addition, Nettle is one of the historical plants, with many benefits both in the kitchen and in medicine; for being succulent to the palate, highly nutritious and with many benefits in the area of ​​pharmacology and health sciences.


Lean pork and bacon, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrose, vegetable fiber, olive oil (35%) and nettle.

net weight: 240gr

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