Queso semicurado O Mouro


Bathed in coffee and cinnamon infusion

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It is a semi-cured soft cheese made with raw milk from GALICIAN COWS. Its most outstanding characteristic is the refining of its hard and compact natural rind, totally edible, which is infused with a mixture of coffee and cinnamon that give it its own personality without affecting the interior of the cheese that maintains its characteristics of soft paste and mild flavor with hints of yogurt and cream. This cheese will have a minimum maturity of 35 days.

He was the winner of the 2017 A Coruña Gastronomic Forum innovation award.

In 2018 he obtained the gold medal at the World Cheese Awards world championship, held in Norway.

Recommendation at the time of consumption:

Temper. If stored in the refrigerator, remove 1 hour before consumption. Each portion must be cut always carrying a crust, so that all the nuances of flavor will be better perceived.

Weight: 400g (approx.)

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